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50th IMO 2009

NGA at IMO 2009 Puis Aje OnahIsa Modibbo IsmailJombo Eniweke EuniceOgunkola Opemipo OladapoMark Donald Kanayochukwu AmobiDamilola Durajaiye

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results670400179013.59%
Puis Aje Onah 230000542924.11%
Isa Modibbo Ismail 020000248214.72%
Jombo Eniweke Eunice 110100345918.79%
Ogunkola Opemipo Oladapo 310100542924.11%
Mark Donald Kanayochukwu Amobi 00000005473.19%
Damilola Durajaiye 000200248214.72%
Leader: Samson Olatunji Ale
Deputy leader: Oluwaniyi Steve Dele

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