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1st IMO 1959

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Points distribution - IMO 1959

Contestant [][←]CountryP1P2P3P4P5P6Total#RankAward
Bohuslav Diviš Czechoslovakia587587401Gold medal
Ivan Titelnikov Bulgaria5775243014Honourable mention
Rafail Zlatarov Bulgaria2571221931
Todor Todorov Bulgaria160010843
Petr Balarev Bulgaria5670042224
Nedka Ivanova Bulgaria160101940
Ljubozar Dimitrov Bulgaria1701011038
Tsvetana Penkovska Bulgaria0651031533
Ventseslav Andreichev Bulgaria5455012038
Jan Tóke Poland2520Honourable mention
Viorel Barbu Romania2817Honourable mention
Virgil Brişcă Romania357Bronze medal
Cezar Gheorghe Romania364Silver medal
Mihail Vrăjitoru Romania3311Bronze medal
Basarab Nicolescu Romania372Gold medal
Cristian Berthaler Romania364Silver medal
Domokos Szász Hungary3113Honourable mention
Gábor Halász Hungary364Silver medal
György Csanak Hungary372Gold medal
György Muszély Hungary357Bronze medal
Béla Bollobás Hungary349Bronze medal
Karel Šmuk Czechoslovakia2916Honourable mention
Jiří Votava Czechoslovakia2817Honourable mention
Jiří Moudrý Czechoslovakia2817Honourable mention
Zdislav Kovářík Czechoslovakia2520Honourable mention
Andrei Tom Union of Soviet Socialist Republics349Bronze medal
Valeriy Frolov Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3014Honourable mention
Viktor Fedorev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics3212Honourable mention
*German Democratic Republic645
*German Democratic Republic645
*German Democratic Republic449
*German Democratic Republic449
*German Democratic Republic351
*German Democratic Republic940
*German Democratic Republic252
*German Democratic Republic645
Ferenc Mezei Hungary2422
Gyula Katona Hungary1533
Ambrus Tihanyi Hungary2125
Aleksander Chetajev Union of Soviet Socialist Republics1533
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