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47th IMO 2006

MAS at IMO 2006 Loke Zhi KinLim Yu WeiCheong Tee JinMaerzad Mohamad NazmiMohamad Farzan Mohamad FadhlillahWei Jian Chuah

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results18202000407022.47%B, HM
Loke Zhi Kin 7107001518962.17%Bronze medal
Lim Yu Wei 00010014754.63%
Cheong Tee Jin 500200740818.11%
Maerzad Mohamad Nazmi 00000004891.81%
Mohamad Farzan Mohamad Fadhlillah 010700838822.13%Honourable mention
Wei Jian Chuah 600300936426.96%
Leader: Abu Osman Md Tap
Deputy leader: Mat Rofa Ismail

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