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40th IMO 1999

ISR at IMO 1999 Oran LangMichael SimkinRoman DovgardRan TesslerMark BravermanAmitai Yuval

Contestant []P1P2P3P4P5P6TotalRankAward
Team results2866101117782570.00%B, B, B, B, B, HM
Oran Lang 5123111317860.58%Bronze medal
Michael Simkin 7001231317860.58%Bronze medal
Roman Dovgard 7110061513869.49%Bronze medal
Ran Tessler 0212251220255.23%Bronze medal
Mark Braverman 2113611415964.81%Bronze medal
Amitai Yuval 7111011122749.67%Honourable mention
Leader: Shay Gueron
Deputy leader: Shoni Dar

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